Embedded RTOS with Micro-Controller


Embedded C Programming Difference betweenC & Embedded C, Why C For embedded, Embedded C Compilers, Bitwise operators programming, Bit field
programming, Controller Specific Embedded C Programming


Introduction to Embedded controllers Controller architectures Harvad Architecture and Von Neumann architecture, CISC & RISC, Controller, processor, Controller vs processor, Instruction set, Registers, SFR Oscillators, 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit architectures.


Introduction to IDE What is IDE?, Introduction to KEI, Intro to keil (mdk installation), Creating project, Porting HEX files to controllers, Flash Magic.


Introduction to 8051 8051 Introduction, 8051 Architecture, 8051 specifications, Block diagram of 8051, Pin description GPIO Programming, LED programs and switch, 7 segment and LCD Display, Timers, UART and Interrupt programming.


Introduction to ARM Architecture Introduction to ARM, ARM Processor modes, ARM Registers Arm Versions. General ‘C’ vs Embedded ‘C’ Embedded C Programming, Keil4.


ARM7 Micro controller LPC2148 Programming Introduction to LPC2148, LPC2148 specifications, Block diagram of LPC2148, ports related registers, GPIO Programming.


LPC2148 Peripherals and Protocols Programming GPIO: LED, Switches, 7 segmentand LCD Display, UART, 12C, SPI, PWM, WDT, Timers/Counter, ADC, DAC, RTC, Interrupts.


ARM Cortex Micro controller LPC1768 Programming Cortex Architecture, LPC1768 specifications, KEIL IDE, Flash Magic, GPIO: LED Switches, LCD UART, 12C, SPI, PWM, Timers/Counter.

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