Advanced IOT Course Training


Introduction to Raspberry Pi Board, ARM SOC (system-on-chip) architecture, Hardware interfaces, Raspbian OS (Linux Desktop), Preparing the SD Card for OS, Booting the RPI, Networking & File-sharing on the RPI,


Python Programming Python Programming language, Installing Python interpreter, Variables, Objects, Statements and Expressions, Operators, strings, Lists, Files, Booleans, Conditional Statements, Control Statements, Functions.


Programming of the Pi Access the Web, Control Peripherals with Pi, Control LEDs, PWM, LCD and scrolling LCD, Interfacing Relay & other Components.


MQTT Protocol Understanding MQTT, MQTT Broker/Subscribe / Publish, MQTT QoS, MQTT Topics pattern, MQTT Tools.


Cloud Computing with IOT Intro to IOT builder,Managing account, Connecting RPI, Controlling Hardware, Creating triggers. Getting notifications, Connecting mobile to RPI, Scheduling events.




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