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Porting & Board Bringup Linux – Beaglebone Black Board ARM Cortex A8-32 Bit


Embedded Linux Coaching in Ameerpet. Toolchain Setup: Introduction to Toolchain, Toolchain Components, Building Toolchain, Toolchain Compilation and usage,ARM Cross Compilers Setup.

Board Support Packages BSP


Bootloader Compilation: Board bring up, Introduction to Bootloader, U-Boot Bootloader Porting, U-Boot Commands Lists, U-Boot Image for Target Board, 12C Embedded peripheral I2C Embedded peripheral


Clear Understanding of Boot Up Sequence: Getting Started with Beaglebone board, Embedded Linux System boot up stages , Beagle board boot up stages


Kernel Configuration: Linux kernel Cross Compilation for Target board,Cross-Compilation of Kernel Source, Generating Kernel Image-uImage on Target Board,Application development and Cross Compilation




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